A personal trait..

I actually don’t like discovering my personal traits, it makes me feel grown up  and not in the world-at-my-feet way but more like oh-my-god-i’m-no-more-carefree-and-fun-and-i’m-rigid way. And yes, I would love not to have to admit that ‘change’ gets difficult with each birthday and the more ideas and likes and dislike you discover the more stiff and rigid you become. So to sum it up becoming my-own-person is very, very limiting (in all ways).

Anyways, so ya I amuse myself . I have been a victim to mood swings since childhood but turning from my-life-is-dead to I-see-hope -and-possibilities-everywhere happens to me so fast. Really! All I need is something exciting  and hopeful in the future(near) to get me being happy all the time. I love it actually. I just remembered that I will be learning swimming this summer and that thought of doing-something-new and growing and reaching beyond what i am right now has turned me in smiley. 🙂

I am a dreamer and I read somewhere this about  librans

“with imagination so great and dreams to live in who has the time to make them all come true”   

and yes its partly true because my dreams and imaginations just keeps running around. All i need is a ray of hope and I’m building skyscrapers of dreams and visions. And best part is I’m happy. 🙂

But then there’s also the other side to this coin and that is anything slightly bad hurts me and makes my palace of cards come crashing down.

But for now, its possibilities and hope and if i get very lucky then maybe love too. :))

Hope you have a great day !

Btw: i watched ‘P.S I Love you’ and cried like 4-5 times while watching it. Its beautiful, watch it.

Also watched ‘He’s just not that into you’ and it was ok.

have fun and dream on!


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