My weekend

Hmm.. It was a good weekend, very slow and relaxed and very peaceful.

I took a leave from office on last Thursday as I was not well, so I just came for Friday and then again off for 2 days.. wow! felt great!

We  went clubbing on Friday. ‘We is 3 people, me, sis and her friend. I pushed them to go to the club where I met French dude, but they didn’t agree on terms of music and then we landed to some other place, where I enjoyed little and felt all phony and pretending-to-be. Also spotted a Hot guy and so wanted to go upto to him but couldn’t gather the guts to. No help from sis and friend either. So he left and after that I lost interest in the having fun. Also saw ‘Arjun Rampal’, Ya I just saw him, he was at the private lounge area and we could clearly see him. He actually is a lot HOT than he looks onscreen. I kept looking at him and what he was doing, how he was talking and was he actually having fun and spent my time, didn’t figure out anything.

I don’t know why I’m still want to find French Dude. I mean he didn’t get in touch and his cell is switched off since then so he’s not interested right? But the curosity of ‘where did he go?’ and to find out ‘is he really not interested?’ and more importantly ‘if he is around and not interested. then why?’. I really want to find out.

I slept a lot, like my usual weekends and when I say a lot it means I stay in bed even after I’m awake and keep my eyes closed and dream of all the things I want to like my life in NY, french dude and me in perfect relationship (although this one is fading away as I don’t remember his face now) and other stuff.  Mom wasn’t home so it was even better coz I skipped the ‘wake-up’ yelling sounds. So peaceful!

There was no proper meals we had for 2 days, apart from breakfast and tea and more tea and snacks. 🙂

I was surprised by the great quality of movies that I downloaded online . Ya, I’m not much into tech stuff only that I am a software testing engineer.

So I’ve downloaded

‘Twilight’ and watched that uncountable times (over the past week), 

‘A Cinderella Story’ and  watched it twice,

‘Madagascar 2’ not yet watched that

and still loading are

‘P.S I love you’ , watched in bits and pieces over the preview download and its lovely

‘Kung Fu Panda’ not very excited about this one

The afternoons went away lazing around like we used to during summer vacations and it is starting to get more warm everday. Aimless slugging around from one room to another, then lying on bed, drinking water, lying on couch, walking to next room, flipping some magazines, seeming bored but actually enjoying boredom. Very nice!

Also, for a change i didn’t have n number of to-do-list running in my head. Very peaceful!

And I also started playing badminton with my little brother (who is now much taller than me ) and we had fun. We played both days and now my right arm is in pain at only certain places at certain angles. It felt great though. I’ve always loved playing and badminton was a favourite. And suddenly I look slimmer and toned ..hehehe..

And also made dinner yesterday,  I’m not a big fan of cooking so was ok.

Overall a good weekend!



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