No Title to this blog..

I absolutely couldn’t think of anything that would capture what this blog is about. What you ask? Go on read it and if you find a title that didn’t come to my ‘all-thinking-and-no-good’ mind, then please share. Please!

So back to saying what I wanted to.

I am a just and fair person. I know it, so no arguments please! I always try to balance it all out (guess my sun sign). It mostly about what I deserve and what I get in return. Someone might mistake me for the-most-selfish-person too, but I don’t totally agree, slightly agree coz no one can be completely selfless right? Right? And please leave me some benefit of doubt here and consider that I haven’t exactly got back much in return for being so honest and vulnerable with my soft heart with many people, friends and others. So, yes I expect and it is fair.

That was the past and now what I am doing is not stepping ahead. I’m too tied to ideas and imagination. I’m walking in a room with my eyes closed and believing that no one can see me. They can! I want someone, boyfriend, date, friends..someone. So what’s stopping me? ME. I’m clinging to what I want so much that I’m not even looking a what’s around, my mother too read the same from her Deck of tarot cards(she’s just learning and practicing on us and yes I enjoy it.).

I am going to let something happen. Mind it, I didn’t say ‘anything’ ok.

I will allow life to come tome and experience it as it comes. No ideas to filter them and no judgements to call myself an idiot. ‘Pure Instinct’ is my plan. And I know I do get ahead of myself and become too sure and end up doing stupid stuff, but I think some kind of maturity did seep into me, I think!

Also, if I’m going to give myself a chance to be, I need to stop with judging others. Not throwing my moral out of the window but yes keeping them to myself. See me try! 🙂


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