Between the last and the next.

Confusing title right?

Well, I’m talking about the time you have between your first sex partner and your second. 

No offence to people who didn’t get any such idle time and moved from my 1st to my 2nd in snap of fingers (not literally ok). Lucky you! 😉

Anyways, so its the time (days, weeks, months years..pick yours)when you have only slept with one person and know that you no longer will be with that person (whatsoever the reason) and then you start thinking how will it be with someone else (mind it making out doesn’t count, we’re clearly only counting ‘sex’) 

This is a really funny phase (ya, I’ve been hanging here for sometime now). There’s this entire jittery feeling when you think about it and then some guilt (only if there was any emotions involvedwith the 1st). Then you move to thinking about what if this won’t be so good. Should I compare? Its gonna be weird! So many questions…

I somehow haven’t been able to imagine myself with someones else in the act yet.. yes, before and after scenes have been reviewed many times now *blush* but not the act of making love (if I may say so). And its got nothing to do with me-not- over-the-1st guy or anything, coz I’m clearly over him, else I wouldn’t be thinking about others, Would I?. Just that I am so clueless and so eager to find out.

I’ve heard that’s its no different and stuff, but still. I think there is no way you can know how it is until you actually experience it. Actually most of the stuff about ‘sex’ can never be understood till you do it yourself.

Point to be noted : No refrences will work when its ‘sex’ we’re taking about.

What one like the other might not right? Its like all you have worked for 3 years in one industry and then you change to a new role, so all your experience from your previous role will not help, what might just help is that you are familiar to the ‘work-environment’. (pathetic example! maybe, not sure).

Funny and makes you get butterflies in your stomach especially if you have someone to think of it with. Guess mine, guess mine….yes,  it is French dude :).

Any expert tips people!


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