25 random things about me..

I’m trying to reach 25, lets see where I get…


1. I have this habit of gazing at my hair ends and breaking off the split-ends. I’ve heard this makes the split-ends more in number but its just something I’ve been doing for time-pass and now mostly.

2. I have these bottled up emotions that sometimes i use to make my cry. Like when you feel like crying or are crying but can’t cry enough, I on purpose open that bottle and cry my heart out.

3. My mind doesn’t recognize and differentiate between hunger v/s thirst and poop. I think somehow its all about my stomach’s confusion here and I end you stuffing myself and later realize that I am feeling thirsty or wanted to relieve myself. There’s something wrong there.

4. I love to dream and I mean intentionally make myself dream of what i want. I thinks its some form of imagination mixed with weirdo me. I have spent time trying to dream about stuff I want to dream about and just lying on my bed, eyes closed and thinking of what I want to see and trying to imagine it. Its actually fun most of the times.

5. I have become more sexually active since I turned 23 (hold true for with or without a partner ;)).

6. I am too conscious of people, what they think about me, what they say about me… But thankfully when I’m taking some important decisions about my life, I care a damn about others.

7. My mind is constantly working, in my sleep, while I’m brushing my teeth, when I’m just walking, ALL THE TIME! sometimes I need to tell my mind to shut up.

8. I am too serious about relationships and so want to change that. Sometimes casual might be fun.

9. My instincts are usually right.

10. If I’m upset, then making the others around me upset makes me FEEL better! Hey! i am still a nice person.

12. I say I like the color Blue and Black most, but really how so you know which color you like most?? I don’t. Is it got to do with what color dress looks good on me or what color do i pick to paint? what?

13. I contradict myself pathetically sometimes and I’m sensing its usually when stubbornness takes over me.

14. I am a very honest person. sometimes Brutally!

15. I look at dogs and go ‘Ooooohh-soo-cuteeeee’

16. I love the thought that I was dad’s fav amongst me and my sis.

17. I am almost proud of my childhood pics. I was sooo cute.:) I even have showing them off sometimes..hehehee

18. Getting dolled up is still not in my ‘love-to-do’ list.

19. I am a Reserved person. I just found out few months back.

20. I love reading and there’s no specification of what, there’s fiction i love and fiction i hate, serious i love and serious i cannot reach the second page of and also sad i love and sad i don’t want to read.

21. I aspire to be a writer (for now).

22. I’ve been drinking lukewarm water even in summers this year. Don’t ask why.

23. I really enjoy dancing.

24. I bullied my little brother when he was young. We would go cycling and I have take him around a lonely lane and then speed away. He would keep screaming my name asking me to wait but I just loved to do that. We still laugh about it a lot!

25. I think I have a beautiful smile.

26. I have few embarrassing moments around farting. Not ready to disclose any yet.

27. I am jealous of my sister for various reasons but i  am proud of  her even for the same reasons also.

I think that’s enough to start. I quite enjoyed putting them down. i think I’ll do it more often. Next time count starts with #28.


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