What’s goin on??

Okay, here’s something that has and hasn’t been happening.

I’ve been trying the french dude’s number for almost 2 weeks now and no luck. Its switched off!!!  This is really frustrating. i looked him up in orkut, facebook and linkedIn. No Luck!! Whats this supposed to be huh? I’m trying my best to be optimistic about it and now I’m loosing his face in my memory. The whole thing just sucks! First its about is he doing this on purpose? ( i don’t think so but can’t help thinking) then there’s why am i looking for him why isn’t he looking for me? Then I was hoping it to be a very light matter(if we did hang out that is) just dating you know and then why did my stupid mind go on and on about dreaming of us together.

Apart from dreaming about him and trying to find him, I have also been searching horoscopes like crazy. I don’t know why. Maybe I just wanted someone to say that he will come back or something will happen between us. To make myself happy i was looking at every horoscope(free of-course! didn’t get crazy to pay on it) . And mostly all say that there is this exceptionally great love thing in Feb for me but none said that it would come and vanish. They all talked about the extra luck in love and this and that, but where dude?. They also said that feb 13th and 16th would be my best days, again where?

However I did go out on V-day and reached back to the same place that I had met him ‘F’ and my friend didn’t wana go there coz he doesn’t like the desi music..yaaa!! so I just went in and took a quick look around to find him but he wasn’t there. So we moved to some other place where ‘Mr-Snob’ liked the music. If i could have been there then maybe  just maybe I could meet him.

Well anyways so all I can hope is that he is going as crazy as me and that we do meet and he tells me all about it.

How can such a sweet decent guy come to you, say all those sweet things, be in your dreams and then just vanish into thin air?

Hope he calls! and this makes me feel stupid as well. Its not that I wanna track and hunt him down or anything, I’m very anxious and curious about what happened? Was he looking for just fun that night? Was he genuinely interested and wanted to meet me later? What happened?

This is too much to think. I think I will leave it all to destiny. And btw another horoscope says tomorrow is my lucky day for this week. Hope its gota do something with him.


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