My French encounter.

Last Friday I went out clubbing with my friends, actually it was with my sister ‘N’, one close friend ‘A’ and two acquaintances (who have and can never entermy friends’ definition). It just sounded cool to say ‘I went Clubbing with my friends’, yes, sometimes I am a ‘wannabe’. I accept. Anyways so we went to this cool club that plays a good mix of good and bad music. Honestly, I like the mix music places coz the ‘only good party music all the time’ places tire me and demand too much of enthusiasm without any break and most of the times I’m not in that zone and fall tired of trying to get into that zone and then I hate the ‘all time bad music’ places,I have a decent taste in music (i think that’s enough explanation), but these places with mix of good and bad are always fun. You can let your hair down with your fav tunes and stand back and make fun of people i.e only their dance on all the horrible tracks. You think I’m mean, wait till you meet my sister! 😉

See I again got drifted from the main point, so we went there and were having fun andI was looking around to spot some eye candy too.  I saw a group of guys enter the dance floor and I instantly liked one of them ( this scares me, I’ll tell you why later). He was cute, had a laid back attitude, looked simple and seemed little boring but I like him. Its difficult to find decent men so its ok if they aren’t too wild ya. Oh, did I just say ‘men’, I meant ‘Boys’, ‘boys’, men are for 25+ bracket. lol!

I pointed him to my sis and she too had the same thing to say ‘he’s seems boring’. I wanted to take a drag (this is after a proud 1 andhalf year of quitting) so I went out looking for the smoking area where my friend ‘A’ was (he’s almost a chain smoker) and when I walked into the room, he was standing there talking to the guy I had spotted. I quickly stepped to him and joined them. I said the first ‘hi’ although he gave me the first look (smiling). We got into a conversation, with most of the start-ups from me and it was friendly and nice. We spoke of the music and learnt that he hated the track I liked, i told if he knew the lyrics he would like it too and he politely agreed. Did you get the point here,  yes,  he’s not from my country, he’s from FRANCE (smiling more). Just the mention of ‘France’ makes it romantic!

We spoke for 10-15 minutes and i think it was pretty clear that I was into him and he was also showing interest, we went back to the dance floor and he started to corner himself when ‘A’ pulled him with us. We danced together and once again was ‘social me’. Thinking of it now, I think I did quite good at being my best social me, I had included ‘A’ into the conversation at the smoking area, I wasn’t asking too personal questions to him ‘F’ and I was dancing with my group too and him too.   I’m almost proud of myself!

So we danced and I did show my interest in him but in the not so obvious ways, I wasn’t getting too close and was enjoying my time. He didn’t try and get too cozy either and was at ease. By the way, he doesn’t dance very well and was shaking a leg or two at his own beats and his rhythm didn’t even get close to the music. We were holding hands at times, then when the dance requires he held my waist and I touched his arms.  It was sooo nice. Not once did he try anything cheap on me and that was such a turn on (still smiling broadly). He did mention that his roommate was making out with someone and he was proud of him, but i didn’t pay much heed to it.

He asked me to walk out with him in between and we went to the smoking area, he smoked and me making neat and social conversations (proud feeling again) and we got back to dancing. He then danced me into some ballroom turns that I totally loved and kept on asking him to do that again. It was lovely! We again went outside in the quite and then here’s the conversation we had:

F: “Don’t I Please you?”

Me: “Why? why do you say that? you do please me a lot!”

F: “Then why don’t you let me kiss you?”

Me: “You Know what, i am from a very conservative family and I don’t know you well.”

F: “Even I am from conservative family. Its the first time we’re meeting that?”

Me: “Yes, and that’s what I like about you, you’re so nice and decent ”

F: “Yes, i know I’m decent! ” (I sensed mockery and modesty)

Me: “I mean, i don’t even know you. how can you go ahead and do anything to anyone, whom you don’t know? and to be frank, I don’t like what your roommate is doing there, when you don’t know the person how can you?”

F: “Okay, I understand, I wouldn’t force you into anything”

Me: “Lets meet again, you call me.”

F: ” You call me.”

Me: ” Okay take my number”

I took  his cell and saved my number and gave a ring on my number too and when we started walking in.

Just before we walked in he whispered

F: “I like respectable women. ”

We moved in and danced more. He turned me around and noticed that I couldn’t get the smile off my face.

Then it was time to leave and I went outside to say good-bye, i asked him to call me and inquired abot how he will leave and then gave him pecks, to which his reaction was

‘Oh, its okay on the cheeks?’ in more of a polite question and ‘hope i am not offending you’ tone.

And i smiled all the more with ‘yeah its ok’

That was the last I saw and heard him.

I tried calling him the next morning and he didn’t answer the call. I tried from a number apart from mine to check if he’s avoiding me,but still no answer, so great! he wasn’t avoiding me. Then after two days of waiting for someone to answer the call he’s number has gone on switched off.

‘A’ did recall him saying that he was to leave for mumbai or something and I hope that is true, however that doesn’t make sense why isn’t his phone with him. Me and my sis were also guessing he has lost his phone that night, this is a very common thing in clubs.


So now I’m dreaming of my French chivalric and polite guy and hoping that before Friday his number is on and we do get in touch, else POA says going to the same club this Friday! I better meet my Valentine date, whatsay? 🙂


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