I want..

Running between office and home, thinking of many things I want, wishing for much more than  I have and trying to find who I am.  All the self talk, those thoughts, the images in my mind and everything around me. Let me be in peace and find myself somewhere, here a list to make a few things clear:

I want :

1) to do what I love as my career

2) to love myself

2) to accept myself

3) to be slim and sexy and beautiful

4) to be a beautiful person

5) to spread love and smiles

6) to be open and fearless

10) to have many good friends

11) to be a friend to many

12) to fulfill all my responsibilities

13) my responsibilities & dreams to live together

14) feel free and alive

15) to live my life to its best

16) to be more accepting

17) to be a millionaire

18) to have a person who loves me and whom i love too

19) to learn so many new things

20) a vibrant and happy person

21) to travel the world

22) always get what i want

23) to be a writer

24) to own pets (dogs)

25) a big mansion

26) to feel safe and secure

27) to be happy for others

28) to be prosperous

29) few great cars

30) be social

31) earn respect

32) my family to be happy, wealthy and healthy

33) a great dancer

34) all of it now


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