No more questioning my wiritng skills.

It s been a long while since I have been thinking of taking up writing. Its just that whenever I sit down with it, my mind starts to question each thought and if his is possible. There’s a constant critic in me about the what i write and many questions on if it is worth anything, am i capable of this, this being writing something that otherss would want to read. I don’t know! I’m not others. All i know know is that writing makes me happy, it releases all those blocked feeling s and thoughts and the day i don’t pen down a few thoughts i feel restless and missing on something.

Now writing blogs is different and here i simply write down my heart, but when i get to writing something that i want to get published i get really confused.

Recently, i completed a story and was carrying it in my bag for a week before i could gather the guts to show it to my sister. She’s more intellectual than me and i didn’t want a disappointment from her. She really liked it and said that i was good at it and that really make such a big difference. I was so happy, she actually liked it.

So I’ve decided I am not going to question myself for my writing anymore. I will start and keep writing till i want to end it and then hand it to others for opinion.

But first i need to decided something i feel passionate enough to write about.


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