The 4th class

I went for the class and found that the batch prior to ours was on their last routine run. I was happy to reach before time and rushed to the changing room. I saw him ‘D’ move out when the batch finished and I went ahead to change. When I changed and came the warm-up has begun, so i joined at the end (as usual) and while doing my flat backs saw him sitting at the back of the room. I was so happy to see him. The three days had gone by really difficult. I was thinking of him most of the time. Whenever my mind had little time it would recall ‘D’. He is so cute.

I did mention about his pic on my office pc right. So i delete it only to restore it again. Now you’ll say I’m being stupid, yes, i agree. But the feeling is so amazing. I come to office really early in the morning and there aren’t much people around. So for those three days, i would quickly come and see his picture for along time. And it does grow on you. Again stupid but exciting. 

In the class after the warm-up, he joined us and said we would work on splits today. Now this is a very painful  and difficult one to get, having said that, I have always been in awe of it and wanted to get it right, even when i was not in ‘D’ batch. I would practice at home and could see myself getting closer to it every-time. So after we went into the maximum we could, he asked everyone to stay where they where and he would come to everyone personally and help. WOW! I waited for five minutes and realized i was at the last of the class, so i switched to the other side, he didn’t come even then. He would come to the people around me and then go to others, i again went back to the first side and then he came to me, the last in the class. He stood behind me, put his hands on my waist, started to push my waist down, my leg was hurting and i was trying to get it done, he slowly bent down and his face was hardly 3inches away from mine and he said me to breathe slowly, he started to breathe out to show me how and his breath was falling on my neck and cheek. When i felt his breath then i realized what was happening. this was ‘D’ so close to me and i turned my head to him to say something and saw his face so close. My heart was jumping with joy but I couldn’t look at him and told him i was at my maximum for the day.He left and went ahead. he asked everyone to do the same on the next side and he went over to see each one , again he came to me at the last and i was going dead by then as i had done two times the splits on each side already.  Then we had a new exercise and he again was to come to each one, but he didn’t come to me, the other instructor came and helped me. He came to help the girl right ahead of me, looked at me and went to someone else. I felt bad that he wasn’t coming to me but then while going back home i was thinking it might mean something coz i heard somewhere that when guys like a girl either they make extreme fun of her or they ignore her purposely. Hope that’s true. After the class i waited to talk to him and as there was a bunch of girls waiting he started talking to them. He looked at me at the last when the entire lot was finished (see ignoring majorly). He gave the feedback and mentioned my face looked blank when i dance. I’m wondering if he was speaking of the time when i look at him and dance or all the time, as mostly I’m looking at him in the mirror and yes i don’t smile then else it will be obvious that its for him. Anyways i was happy that he said something at least. 

I went back home with mixed feelings, remembering his breath on my face and him ignoring me too. Through the week i had been very anxious, i was thinking of him so much that i was hoping to see something happening, but then it struck my mind that out of so many hot girls that are after him why would he be attracted to me. ‘liking me’ is a possibility though as for that he would have to know me and i am sure that once guys get to know me they like me, but now the question was being attracted and somehow i have a perception that ‘looks’  play the most important role here. And I’m not very sure on myself for that. I mean I know I’m smart and cute, but there are so many perfect figure, slim and hot girls in our batch itself, so imagine the other batches he takes . So i was thinking about ‘why will he like me when there are so many other beautiful and perfect girls after him?’ this made me little sad but i was still happy to have these feelings for someone.

i spoke to my school time friend about this and she was so happy about the whole thing. We both related this to having a crush on some popular guy in school and yes it all feels like that. i told her how excited i feel and keep looking at him. She couldn’t stop laughing. She was happy that i was enjoying my time. i told her about the apprehensive feelings as well and she said that i should enjoy this time as much as possible as it doesn’t come often in our lives. i asked if she had any intuition that something will strike between us and she said that for now nothing should and i should enjoy these feelings and be happy. I understood her point but i know that even though i want something to be from his side, but at this point i have to enjoy my time. 🙂

I’m so happy! Btw next class cancelled as its a national holiday but i m waiting to see him again. 🙂


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