A begining of complete ends.

I completed my first fiction short story today. I had completed it few days back but today i finally posted it off after many drafts and few changes. It was a short story of 2000 words and I’m glad I did complete it.

I have started writingbefore too but never completed anything. I would sometimes question my skills to an extent that i couldn’t fight doubts away with my confidence and that would put me off it completely. There have been times when I have forced myself to think and it made me feel so ‘wannabe’ that I could not pretend anymore that it wasn’t coming to me naturally,not now and would leave it there. Sometimes my ideas blurred after certain points, I would no more think of what i wanted to write about and start thinking of what people would like to read, which is very confusing because you know you can’t capture every-ones interest but you also don’t want to land up being the ‘nobody’, all this would mess my brain and story too.

But I’m glad that ‘finishing what I started’ is true for me today.

PS: I have submitted my first completed story for a writing contest. 🙂



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2 responses to “A begining of complete ends.

  1. lawrenceez

    All the best with your writing. Just enjoy it and let your imagination do the work. The technique can come later.

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