My first class with HIM.

You know who I’m talking about ‘D’, my hopeless crush remember. So as i had said i was to join his batch on Monday and i did. I reached late and missed the warm up, but will never be late again. I joined just before he asked for the names of all the new ones to join his batch and after he introduction he asked why had we changed the batch. Well, there were -5 new GIRLS only. I knew my reasons and was pretty sure the rest also must have had some variable reason apart from the constant one that he ‘D’ was so hot and cute and they wanted to see him often. So does he have no idea how many girls like him. I think I read his scraps on orkut (well , i went to check if he’s single ,which he is, and then took a look at the scraps too), he had so many girls writing to him, few i found said they or some of their friend was interested in him. I think he knows, but he was just being modest. Well mostly replied that the time was not suiting them like me.

Then we began the floor exercises( we have to lie on our backs throughout). He was very good at instructing and explaining. He kept calling out my name and giving directions, but he wasn’t looking at me, so i assumed there was someone i shared my name with in the class. He came too me once, while i was in between a exercise, he held my knees and showed me how to go a little further and stretch more and my god, I couldn’t get my eyes off him. I was in an awkward position, with my back on the floor, knees both bending in the opposite directions and my head slightly tilted up to see him. 🙂 It was funny. As soon as he moved on i had to press my lips hard to stop my smile.

The class ended and he was giving tips and explaining more stuff. Then he gave away the id’s and when he called my name he was looking at someone else. I realized that all the while in the class he linked my name to some other face. Well, he remembered my name. 🙂 I was happy to look at him and think of him for the next two days.

And today is the third day and I will meet him again. 🙂 and I’ll reach before time.


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