I have a hopeless crush again :)

I have a crush on a real person, what I mean is not any handsome actor or fictional character. I have a crush on one of my Dance Instructors at my Jazz Dance class. He sounds really old by the ‘Instructor’ tag right? but he’ s not. He’s so cute and smart and modest and honest and talks about his mom sometimes. Well i have only spoken to him directly only twice, that too only ‘Hi’ and ‘Bye’.

This sounds and feels like schoolgirl crushes to me. I started to think about him since I saw him but this butterfly in stomach and silly stupid feelings have come around only lately. I actually think about him and feel so excited and nice. Its like a dream you never want to end and I’m feeling all those high hopes and dreamy stuff. I literally dream about him intentionally. Funny na! I’m feeling happy that I feel this way about someone, it shows that I have moved on from the past and the people involved. I’m little scared though coz i don’t know if this means something or not. I mean i would hate to be in a relationship and all and i know he has soo many girls after him so that will be a one in hundred chance, but I’m also not sure as to how this will end, actually i don’t want this crush to end. I’ve always liked the games, secrecy and naughtiness. Being happy with what you think and interpret of the gestures (if there are any) else looking if there are any. I love the romance you build in your mind, or my mind. Its all good and happy. I just don’t wan’t anything to change when i meet him. I want to be in this bubble of’ joy &  smiling when i think of him’ for a long time.

Who is he?

I saw him first when i went for my first jazz class, well it wasn’t a class just an introductory class so we can learn the vocabulary and the get familiar to the class routine. I found him sooo cute and hot then also. At the end of the class he asked who were coming in the weekend batch and i was so excited to raise my hand hoping he will say ‘i will meet you then’, but instead he said ‘ok then, she (other instructor) will take your batch’ and i will take the weekdays batch. Oh i so wished for a long time after that that i could somehow have time to take the classes with him, but then i was working at different hours and only got ht weekend free. Next I met him at our rehearsal for the workshop. He was looking so hot and cute and innocent. 🙂 well this was my first ‘Hi’ and ‘Bye’ to him, he gave a small encouragement speech and told us few stuff we should work on and how he had started and got here (this is where he mentioned his mom) and also pulled out a diary that had encouraging phrases listed by him. OOhhh! he knows how to dance and also writes. :). I met him again at the mini rehearsal for the same workshop and he looked even more sweet. He was managing the entire thing without being bossy or commanding. 🙂 This was again a ‘Hi & Bye’ meet and I’m sure he doesn’t even remember my name, silly me! we never got introduced. 😉

I saw him last at the day of the workshop. Oh my God! he looked so stunning in just a grey vest and black lowers. i mean WOW! his face is so innocent and sweet. And I just couldn’t get my eyes off him not even for a second. later I remembered that there were so many hot chicks all over the place, some really pretty and sexy instructors( his colleagues) and many students, most of whom i know lust over him. Now I’m thinking whom was he paying attention to? I don’t wanna know the answer. I saw him perform at the show and he was too good, better than good. The confidence, the look, the moves, those strong arms.

Oh i didn’t describe how he looks right. And you thought this crush was all about appearance up til now. 😉 He’s handsome and very chocolate boy looks. He’s tall, 5’11” I think, fair, Lean body, broad shoulders, strong and muscled arms (not too much, just like i like it), he’s a little on  skinny side but only below waist hey i didn’t think anything dirty. Really!. He has nice features but not pretty type, more like chocolate handsome type Oh! did I already mention that before!  And he’s fond of piercings, he doesn’t have any but i know he like it coz he sometimes wears those clip on kinna thing on his eyebrow and he still looks so sweet and innocent. OOhhhh! 

 So after my workshop i got promoted to the next level in jazz and had to choose a weekday time and also my work timings got changed to early morning to mid afternoon so i could take the classes easily. Then i found that he ‘D’ would be taking my classes, i was sooo happy. Later i found some other instructor took the place. Anyways so i did think that only because of him was a stupid reason to move my class considering he didn’t even know my name I was trying to save my pride here,  so i stuck to my classes for a month and found that I was coming late almost on all days. I ignored it for sometime but realized there was no point in missing my dance just because i had a crush on D and think he’s soo cute. So i went and asked to get my batch changed to the one in which he teaches  that’s the only other option ya 🙂 Lucky me!  and then after i wrote the application for that i came to know that my work hours had also moved a little late, which would have made it difficult for me to reach my earlier schedule for class on time. So there everything worked out so well 🙂 Today will be my last class with the old batch and i will be joining his batch from coming monday. Yupee!



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2 responses to “I have a hopeless crush again :)

  1. gabrielcmoth

    don’t lose hope…

    he might look at you and see you like the way you do for him…

    just keep on catchin his attetion

    and one day you will see yourself near him

    good luck

    God bless

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