New Years eve Plans

One day to go. A New Year, a new start, new hopes, new lessons and no regrets(hopefully).

My plans for the evening? Well, those of you who know me even little,  will know that there no ‘bunch of friends’ waiting for me to join them. Having said that,lets see how many people I could have actually made plans with: 

1)One of my friends has gone to of station to celebrate with his family, I’m kind of relieved on that thought coz i don’t know what would having him around bring to me, maybe the worse of me & remind me of the horrible last years event and followings or maybe a slight chance of overwriting the memories with some good ones. But I am happy that he’s not here. It really makes me feel so wrong to think of what all happened(whatsoever i remember of it) and it makes me feel like CRAP! lets not go there again. 

2)My only internet buddy. He did ask me about my plans and since i had nothing definite, so I asked him to count me in for their group plan. This is a very wierddifferent kind of friendship. This guy is sweet and nice and I used to chat a lot with him, but then i really don’t know him like you should know a friend. I think we are somewhere between acquaintance and friends. I’m sure i won’t be joining his group even if nothing else materialises.

3) My sister and her friends. Now i have always complained that i feel like a drag when out with this bunch, but they are sometimes fun. Lets see what they come up with. These girls just want some guys to have fun with( mostly decent kind of) and I cannot go out and be all friendly or trust someone you hardly know. So i don’t make much plans with them rather than finding myself around bunch of unknown people.

Thats my list, finished! That didn’t take time! 🙂 As far as i’m guessing it might be my siter i’ll be with ( if some known faces are joining them) or else I’m gonna be at home, watching the britney Spears confession program on Zee Cafe.


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