Few series I(try to) follow.

I know I’m really fond of TV and movies too. Like most of the girls i too like romantic stories and Romantic Comedies are the best. Action and Fiction only makes sense to me sometimes, haven’t found out exactly when though. So some TV series I really like (apart from FRIENDS, SEINFELD & JOEY) are:

1. Heroes ( the supernaturl power is WOW! concept)

2. Brothers & Sisters ( i love the story)

3. Gilmore girls (Milo is soo cute)

4. Kyle XY ( this maybe coz Kyle is soo cute)

5. Entourage (Vince is HOT and the KING lifestyle but simple people does the trick)

6. Sex in the City – I love the narrations. So honest!

7. Bones ( I love the chemistry b/w bones n her partner)

8.   Beverly Hills 90210 – old series – ya I’m watching it for the first time – i love Brandon and Brenda

9.  Beverly Hills 90210 – new series – Yes, I’m watching both the old and new side by side. Its fun! I love the Extra High School Drama and spoilt brats.

10. Gossip girl – all the guys are so cute and the girls really DRESS UP WELL

11. The OC – how could i forget, Seth Collins & Summer.

12. America’s Next Top Model – even though I’m behind by 2 years, the Drama is good.

13. Wonder Years – Kevin Arnold.

14. Army Wives – I love the woman bonding and the story is so real.

Ya thats all that I remember right now. So now you know I love watching the television. It might look that  I have nothing better to do, but i think this is a better thing to do. Enjoy your time as you like it. 🙂


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