My cousin’s wedding

My cousin is getting married on 24th Nov. We had the ring ceremony yesterday and i had a well planned leave to enjoy. Also met many cousin’s after long time and it was so much FUN!. My cousin who’s getting married, ‘G’ is the from our generation group and her marriage placed a flag that it has begun. The starting of weddings from our age grouped cousin’s.  Its an arranged marriage and the guy looks nice at heart, shy and simple type. He dosen’t look so good though and my cousin is really pretty, so ya that was a little not-perfect, but then a good heart is also not easy to be found, which i hope he is. I hope she finds love respect and all the happiness in the world.

It was such fun. All cousin’s together, chatting up, gossiping, leg pulling, pulling out embarrassing childhood memories of each other. It was amazing.  I wore a saree and got many compliments, rather 3-4 compliments again and again from the same persons. Maybe this was also because my elder sis has put on some extra fat. Else i am dead sure she would’ve stolen the show.

Nyways i enjoyed lots and didn’t feel like coming to office today, but ya I’m a responsible smart girl :)). Hoping to have a blast at the wedding and sangeet.



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