My thoughts on SEX

I believe and follow that ‘sex’ can only be meaningful when you have some emotions attached to it. Now I also keep in mind that it is one of the basic necessities to live a healthy life.

When we care for a person, have some love in our hearts, then sex just doesn’t mean body, it involves souls, connecting them, making it something so much pure and beautiful. Every touch has love in it and that is what sex means to me ‘ an act of love’. I wold love to have sex (even the naughty types) with the person whom I know, who knows me, and we share a bond of care and love. It would be lovely to know that the touch on your skin is out of love for the person you are and every soft kiss tells you have a lovely heart. After all who are we, just flesh and bones?, No. we have hearts and feelings and emotions and all those wonderful feelings should be given a chance to live. 

Now i have been with only one guy(my ex of 3 years) and we had the most amazing time. And although we broke up and i haven’t seen anyone since but i don’t feel i need to do it just because its been so long. I can’t. It would be shameful for myself and disrespecting myself too. I respect myself too much to just land up sleeping with guys who wouldn’t even remember my name the next day or worse would only remember me when they feel horny.  I don’t believe in unemotional sex. Call me old fashioned but i simply don’t agree that just sleeping with someone you don’t have feelings for is worth considering. It doesn’t give anything apart from momentary pleasure( which is also not guaranteed) and guilt and unexplainable thoughts.

Also, ‘dating’ is a very defined word for me, it just means you are hanging out together and getting to know each other without committing that you would finally like each other. But i don’t do ‘dating’, and ‘multiple dating ‘ is out of question. I find it too obvious and set up. its like you’re desperately rushing ahead of time and giving hoots to destiny. And the ‘try if it works’ just makes it loose the charm. i am again very old fashioned here, but i would rather have a very magical moment of meeting someone, getting attracted(physically and otherwise), want to know more and experience all the ‘butterflies-in-your-stomach’ moments. It might take time, but i do believe there is someone special for me, who will complete yet another piece of my Life Puzzle. Please note, i don’t mean ‘who will complete me’ coz i am already complete with myself and don’t depend on anyone else for that. But sure, my Life Puzzle does need and will find that special person.

On the other hand, I love watching ‘Sex in the City’ and love the stories that Carry Bradshaw has to offer, but them being based on various non-meaningful partners is not so nice. Although she keeps trying to look for the right person every time. 🙂 But that i think goes to the culture difference.


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