The extra 3 hours

that I will be saving from today onwards have got me thinking of what all I want to do if i actually have the time with  me.

Ok, if you’re confused, let me explain, I working in the long slouching regular 9-6 shift and thanks to the distance between my place and office, i left my home at 8 in the morning and hardly ever reached back before 8. That was then, but from today onwards I am back on the 7-4 shift( as i was once upon a time). Yes, i do need to get up early (5:30am) and board the cab at 6:30, reach my office desk at 7, but i don’t mind all this as i will be leaving for home at 4 and reach home by 5-5:15pm i.e before it gets dark :). Then I have the entire evening to myself, before i plan to go to sleep( which will be early from now on,but not before 11). This always reminds me that now i will stop bathing in the morning, instead i will bath at night. Hey, i am still bathing once in 24 hours, does the time of the day matter? and people it gets really cold in the mornings, its November remember??

So now I have extra 3 hours in my hand and yes i don’t want to be glued to the TV, so i’m trying to be creative her and find some way to utilize this. Maybe i can shift my jazz classes to weekdays now, lets see. But hell i am happy . Maybe its just becuase i hate that I’m doing a job that never excites me though i hold a strong sense of responsibility for it, or maybe its only because i entertain the idea , sorry have grown the idea that people who only do their job are boring to death and i never want to be that.

HOPE I HAVE THE TIME OF LIFE in every of those extra 3 hours!!



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