‘Almost Single’ by Advaita Kala

I know I’m late here, the book was out months back and I read it now, but that’s not the point right?

The point is ‘Did I like the book?’. Yes, I liked it a lot. Though I could not relate much to the rather cool for me lifestyle of ‘Hotel Insustry’ (as you all know I am a software professional, stuck to the computer screen the entire day) but there was this independent and yet trying to maintain a family bond tradition phase that we all young girls are hanging in right now. I loved the the flow and description of events, very unreal but yet believable, it was something like I know I will never do, but yes believe that once in a blue-moon I might get caught into. There’s this real world feel to the fiction and yes the various ‘not so conventional relationships’ make us remember of all the non-conventional paths, relations and time we have chosen/will choose. There is the cribbing, but its all very positive. Really nice to read and of course I couldn’t love the end more, it ends with the hot gut proposing to the girl and she refuses. Its GR8! She does like him, and he likes her and yes he’s so handsome and smart and rich, but she knows that this isn’t all what a companionship is about. She wants time to know him and him to know her better and she is in a position to tell to him.

I thoroughly enjoyed it!


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