The WINTER in me..

I’m a total winter person. And that’s only because I love the cozy warm quilts, long nights and smaller days, uncountable cups of hot ginger tea and when we(my family) all squeeze into the quilts, more than happy to be together. There’s more to me and the winters, I am like the winter, have layers around me and only when a person actually sticks around for a long time will they learn how to enjoy being with me. I’m also a family person and just like every festive  winter season, this time of the year brings out the most close moment and memorable days  with my family. I also have a way to give a cold chill to the people whom I don’t like.

I’m also very there, on you face person, just like the winters. You cannot ignore me for all good and for some otherwise reasons. 🙂 I might seem cold and like a sharp knife but eventually i warm others heart, make a place for myself. sometimes I feel like just being me and become like the dark cloudy days and don’t allow any sun rays to show me, I like to be with myself for a while but not long after, I do come back.

I have the layers like fog, the more further you go the more clear you are of what you see and many times what you see is very different from what you perceived. I also make everything around me more, make you think more, very beyond the obvious and different in many ways.

There’s always a different side of me, justlike every winter season. something new and very prominent.

That’s the winter in me. 🙂


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