‘You are here’ by Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan

About the Novel:
I was attracted towards reading this one by reading a small booklet provided with a fashion magazine, it had the starting 2-3 chapters of the novel and were very interesting too. Btw nice advertising people!

I started the book with such enthusiasm and was very happy with all that i was reading. It was like reading a random person, sorry girls thoughts, drifting from one point to another, coming back to the actual topic and leaving it in between if something even more interesting comes to her. It was fun to read, though I didn’t quite relate to the main character and her thought process, but by the time I was a bit more than halfway through, all i wanted to do was to finish it and close it for good. The hay wired and omnidirectional narration was getting to me, like those times when someone so-in-need-to -talk-to-someone-about-so-many-things-on-their-mind comes to you with all high hopes and you my dear are at the verge of a headache. i pulled through it the entire day and finally felt relieved. I would still recommend it to people though coz it did have a familiarity and humour and reality-inspired-fiction feel.

About the writer, the introduction reads she is writer of the popular blog The Compulsive Confessor. Not enough! I think this is another advertisement trick to pull readers towards the blog columns as well. Can’t say for sure, but looks like I will check out the blogs.

About myself:
As on weekdays I only read while travelling to and back from office, I’ve noticed something, while I am working and popping my eyes out on the computer screen, which happened the entire last week! everyday! I even missed lunch on Friday! (guys, I’m stressing at this), I think that once I’m done with he work I’ll go and read the novel and what happens next and get all happy and enthu about it (obviously this is only when i like the novel). They do pull me into them and I think I’ve developed a new way of reading, more engrossing, occupying and reaching.


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