Associations in my life.

Recently I explored a new part of my life, my own unique way of existence.

On another note, when you start observing patterns in your life and make realizations, baby your not close to childhood. Seriously! Not that I wasn’t aware of it but its not a very nice thing to acknowledge, coz now starts the talks ‘ Oh, i used to love to do..’ and ‘ remember how we used to…’, like nothing better has happened since that time and even if you are living ‘the best times’ they always take the second place, coz nothing beats the memories of innocent childhood.

Well, coming back to my realization, it is “my so-thoughtful mind and heart” link the various times of my life to many things, sometimes its the weather, sometimes songs, other times I’ve noticed its the outdoor view also, sometimes silences, sometimes it is simple words and many times the ‘way my heart feels’.

Like i always link passing through long stretching roads guarded by trees on both sides  to my ride to boarding school. Then there are songs that remind me of a particular time of my life and not just remind, but actually make me feel like i felt at that time. Its funny coz most i am quite embarrassed about them. I link a warm heart feeling to some faint memory of my grandmother’s place when we would be there during our winter break and my mom and aunts and grandma would all slide into the same quilt and chit chat (mostly bitch), mostly about their in-laws and all.

There are things and places and times that instantly make me travel back in time and reach a time when i heard, did, feel, say or sing a particular way and while there definitely maybe a scientific explanation to it ( God! there’s one for every thing now, isn’t it?), i still love to think that’s its one the things that make me ‘who I am’ and most importantly ‘how i am’, ‘UNIQUE’ is what i think mostly . 🙂



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