Miss being a student.

After all those years of dreaming to be independent and working, living a life where I am any own master, counting the years through school to college, through college to work, I now finally miss it a lot. That knowing you’re not supposed to and that curiosity of ‘what if’s, all that enthusiasm over every small aspect of the big world you get a sneak peak at, it was so much fun.

I also miss studying, it might sound stupid, but i loved to study, maybe coz i always has an inbuilt relaxed system before the exams and loved watching all the panicking ones. Just looking at guys and trying to guess who likes whom and all that hype. I always studied hard and not so hard, but i loved the feeling of giving it our best and leaving the rest to that moment when the question paper comes in front of you and you read the question.

I loved waking up all those nights and by morning all we would be doing is be on the phones. The group studies were so much fun. We literally couldn’t keep our heads in place and remembered all the gossip in the world when we had to study. We would be laughing on the silliest things and talking about almost anything and everything. WOW!

It was fun and I will someday get back to it all (when i will go for MBA), but right now just thinking of it all makes me happy.


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