Right now.

Right now my work life is busy enough to not give me time to write a few blogs, think a little, read a little. Like right now, My office hours are up and my cabs will move in 15minutes( ya, I’m lucky, i get a cab facility to work 🙂 ), but I really want to write my mind and thought in here. It gives me peace and maybe washes off those thoughts that fill every tiny little part of my brain.

When I reach work, I think about it every day, I want to write something today, read something, I like it a lot and whether I have time or not I do get what I want. I don’t open my blogs at home. Never! Somehow Ilike the privacy of this space. Its me here, not so and so’s daughter, sister and all. I like to be here and place my thoughts, say it out, see what others feel about it and sometimes leave my imagination wild and bring out the yet to be discovered write alive. It makes me happy!

I’ve always been anindividual, its more like me than we. sometimes in selfish ways, but more in life defining ways, This is ‘me’ that kina way.  This blogging has also become a part of ‘me’ now, something that defines your thought, makes you you and keeps track of what’s next too.


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