My new blogroll – FICTION


I’ve added a new blogroll ‘FICTION‘.  As I mostly write non-fiction, I thought it would do me good to keep in touch with my imagination as well. After all I will be writing a novel very soon. I’m thinking of putting down a story everyday or at least alternate day. Few might be series and some will end on the same page.

Interesting or not? You tell me! 🙂



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3 responses to “My new blogroll – FICTION

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  2. oh so you mean to say that the poem you just posted is just a fiction, a complete imagination? yeh, you’re a writer, a good one.. i enjoyed your blogs, most of them..
    i’m a new blogger, might as well check my site –

    keep postin’

  3. drtombibey

    I hope you will read my post on this today.

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