Novel I read and related to..

I just finished reading ‘How Opal Mehta got Kissed, got Wild and Got a Life’. Its a good read, its funny and simple,nothing complicated or confusing. A simple story about a simple Indian girl wanting to go to Harvard. It was a little sad in the middle, but the end was happy again.

I don’t know why but I related to the sad part of it, the part where the girl is herself again after trying hard to be what she’s not. She’s alone and has no friends left. She is herself but doesn’t like that.

Don’t know if the no friends, or doesn’t like herself part stuck to me, but something definitely did and I’ll try to find out soon. Btw i have friends, 5 of them:

1. my sister

2 & 3.  my school friends who now have lives of their own and we catch up like once a year and call once a month. I mostly have no idea what they are upto for months.

4. This is a self forced friend. I thought he could be a very good friend and he still considers me a very good friend  and i hang out to party’s with him and my sis mostly, but i don’t trust him, there is a bad experience associated to it and though i have tried to forgive him, but trust will never come back again, and the DISGUSTED feeling keeps coming and going. At times i also can’t stand him. He is there for me most of the times, i mean i know that if i need help at 1AM i can call and he’l do his best to help, but somehow i feel its all his GUILT working and that makes it even more DISGUSTING. I don’t now why im friends with him still???

5. And lastly, my best friend from college. We used to bestest of friend and then we fought and never spoke for 2 years. i got to know she was moving from the city so i called  and patched up and then we again became friends. She came to visit her parents once and we met up, partied and then her sister made very rude comments on my sister and i confronted her with it. She did not explain anything and all, but simple stopped talking to me. I tried to call but she doesn’t pick my calls. so I’ve stopped trying to be friends with her.but in a way i think she is still my friend. WEIRD!

So ya i do have friends. 🙂


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2 responses to “Novel I read and related to..

  1. sonyacardiff

    If you liked Opal Mehta, you’d probably enjoy two books by Megan McCafferty called “Sloppy Firsts” and “Second Helpings.” The author of Opal Mehta plagiarized heavily from McCafferty’s books. Google Kaavya Viswanathan and check it out.

  2. solitude

    Yes, I am aware of that fact. Haven’t got a hold of ‘Second Helpings’ though. Let me find ‘Sloppy Firsts’ too.

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