Sweet sis..

The most earliest of my memories go back to my family. Its mostly my dad pampering me and otherwise my sister and me having fun or fighting. We have always been very close knit. It all was because we were always together, same school, same class, same hostel, same almirahs. Always together. and my father always taught us to be together, not just together, together, but to stand up for each other, support one another, take care, never leave alone, and most importantly love each other. i think he taught us all those important thing in so many ways and every talk of his and this adds to one of the many reason i love him so much and miss him all the more.

So my sister is one and half years elder to me, she’s always been the obedient one and me the rebel. She always felt like papa loved me more and i felt that too, never got to know if it was true or not. She was always mummy’s pet, sticking close to mom, very sweet and very very lovable. She was everyone’s favorite.

With me and her, she used to always beat me up while my weapon would be harsh and poisonous words(still use that and am ashamed of it!). We fought, fought and fought more and then i always used to go back to patch up. Always! She would always side me away in front of her friends, i take some credit for that, being so unpopular and ill tempered that i was, i think she was a little ashamed of me. We shared our tuck and no-tuck days, happy and homesick times, fun and games and scared at night hours, and all of our best years of our lives.

We both agree that having each other around has been the best part of growing up and we have been best friends even with all those fights. I hope we always remain as close as we are and were. And even though out opinions have changed and we don’t agree on everything, even when our priorities will differ and someday even our last name might change, but she will always be my Sweet Sister to me and no matter how far we are, how badly we have fought or whosoever’s fault it is, I will always go back to her and bring my sister back to me.

Love her tons and am sure papa is proud to know this. 🙂


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