Noise of an empty vessel: insecure

How do you believe when someone says they love you? When do we know that its ours to own and no need to show?

Is just knowing the fact enough, really? Enough to believe, to trust, have faith and never doubt.

So where is insecurity born? Where are the roots and what waters it to grow and show? 

I love many people in my life, my mom, my sis, my brother and few friends. i know they all love me too, but there are so many times I feel the need to be told that i am special, i want to see my importance in their lives, hear the words of confiding in me,believing in me.

There’s nothing wrong about this until, i start wanting to feel that if they thought i’m important they would do this or say so. I feel i’m too dependent on their behavior and not on mine. If i know they love me and care, then why do i doubt it. And it not just about how i feel, it also my actions, i make sure they get to see their fare share of importance in my life. I feel happy when it makes hem happy.

But i know this isn’ the right way. There’s no limit to the situations or actions we might do and how it affects others. But sometimes everyone has to do what they want, even i would want that for myself. So i try to be more patient, understanding and supportive. respect the decisions and know that its their life and no matter what they choose or don’t nothing can alter my place in their lives.

SO more that ‘showing’ i think ‘knowing’ and ‘being there’ describes the importance of people in our lives, otherwise your just an empty vessel, with no faith and love and making all that insecure noise.


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