Read my Dream & interpret if you can plz.

Yesterday I went back home all tired, i don’t know if it was mere physical or mental exhaustion or both. I had a lot of work and was all day busy with ‘what’s’ and ‘when’s’. Maybe that I had a long, extra relaxing, more like lazy weekend (3 days ), that made my Monday so tiring. Well, I was very sure that on reaching home i would change and run to the gym, but i fell asleep in the cab and when i reached home, i was in mid sleep. So i climbed the three floors in sleep, went in, threw my bag and jumped into my bed. I woke up 2 hours later and i clearly remembered what i had dreamt about( doesn’t happen often).

Here’s my dream, if you can find some meaning or hidden message in it. let me know too. I’ve never felt a dream so real or atleat clearly.

There’s a celebration going on, everyone( don’t know ho all) is enjoying, there’s lots of decoration and flowers. I’m missing my dad. I’m crying( and this i really felt it, when i woke up my heart felt like it had just let out an ocean of tears, though my eyes were dry). I am interrupting some even tin the celebration and crying about my dad, someone is explaining that it is ok and i scream that its not ok, and that no one knows how i feel, when you introduce yourself and when you mention your family there is no father there. I am yelling and crying and no one seems to understand me and the seem to be getting angry and ignore me because I’m spoiling the fun.

Next i saw an open space, there’s a kind of sport event happening. something like riding a bicycle with a parachute on and midway you open the parachute and start gliding in air. i go ahead and try it. and everyone is saying that at 1st go you can’t but somehow i start gliding into the air and everyone is amazed at me. they all applaud and i come down. I see my sister chatting to someone, i sit besides her and am looking very sad, i say ‘even though I’ve done everything/so much, I’m still sad and my scandals are still dirty’. My sister doesn’t listen to what i say, so the person she is chatting with repeats my words to her. Then she casually removes the dirt from my scandals.


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