Today’s wicked and silly thoughts..

Hey nothing dirty here OK, just something i shouldn’t do at work but really want to.

Few days back I started reading ‘Chasing Harry Winston’ by Lauren Weisberger. Since work and then gym leaves little time to completely engross into the luxury of late night readings, I’ve been only able to read a few pages everyday. its quite a nice read, with all the gal pals and gossip stuff that i just love( maybe coz that’s want I want my life to be like). Today, I had to come to work late than my usual time, so yesterday night i tookthe pleasure of reading bit more than few pages and going into the story. I like my way of reading i.e if i like the book(true i this case), I’m totally into the characters and kind of start seeing all that’s happening, feeling the joy the pain that comes with the words. Its great fun.

Anyways, since my drive to work takes a good one and half hours and thankfully i don’t have to drive, so i usually keep something to read. Today morning i put the novel into my bag and was reading it on my way to work. I read a lot of the interesting chapters (romantic ones 🙂 ) and didn’t even realize we reached office and by this time i was totally into the story. I was at the part where Emmy makes out with a random guy on the pool side and Leigh (just engaged) is about to got to the famous writers place for the editorial meeting and i was hoping something mysterious and steaming would definitely happen there. And then i reached office. Unlike most of my days, I have work to do and have a completion date also. The first few hours i couldn’t get the story out of my mind and was only thinking about when will i leave from here so i can get back to it. I’ve past half the day now and am feeling like leaving the work, sitting in a comfy couch and grabbing the book til i finish it. i also thought about sneaking it to the washroom and reading it there. hehehe. Can’t even imagine what will happen if someone finds me reading a novel in there. Gosh!

Can u see the lengths i am going or at least thinking of going to for that novel 😉 .So whats so great about it you say? well part of the reason might be my so ‘wanna be  life’ is there in the book, independent, successful, beautiful, gals leading their lives in the great New York city, part of the ‘wanna be’ i still am, like independent, beautiful (for sure 🙂 ) but New york and their own apartmentsis the lusting part. Another thing that makes me wanna go back to the book right now, is that what I’m currently working on in very boring, all excel sheet work that any kiddo can do and you don’t need an engineer to to that.

Totally forgot, i came in late so will also be going late, but I’m tempted to leave early, one cause I’ll miss the gym if i leave late and second i want to finish the book. Lets see if i can sneakaway early and complete the work and finish the book and go to gym all today.

Cheers !!


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