The best way to decide.

There are times we all have to make decisions. Sometimes crucial and life changing decisions, at other times silly yet confusing decisions. But we all have to choose at one or the other point of time. What makes this more difficult are the after effects thoughts, ‘Am I doing the right thing’, ‘ what if this doesn’t turn to be good’ and so on. When we are made/choose to stand at a crossroad and want to find the right way to go, it seems like examination time, only that sometimes there may not be a second chance. Even simple things like ‘buying a dress’ or ‘meeting a guy’ may leave us in a mess and it makes us( at least for me) feel stupid and out of control( something i don’t like). But that’s the truth, we have to choose, pick one out of many options and make sure its the best, outdo our doubts and hold onto self trust.

So what helps you in making decisions, finding the right way and doing waht is best but also feels good at the same time??

Here’s my way of dealing with few stuff:

 Even I have been at places and in times of these mind scrutinising situations and what helps me is instincts, logic and more than ever ‘think time’. I call this the ‘think-time’ or ‘TT’ ( whatever suits you). Btw just thought of this word right now 🙂

think time = the time it takes you to decided in favour of the decision/option.

For example, today morning I wasn’t feeling like coming to office, reason being still in the weekend mood and wanting to relax, but not that i was tired, however i did sleep for only 5 hours as i had gone for a late movie with my frenz( which was so great, dreamt about the it all night 😉 ). Anyways, so I sat on my bed for 10 minutes looking at the pros and cons of not going to office today. I didn’t have any work, so that was in favor, why waste a leave was not in favor. And as i struggled between ‘give yourself a break’ and ‘ the logical thing to do’ thoughts, i stopped it all and simply thought of the ‘think- time’ in favor of not going to the office. It was way too much than the importance of the matter. So i thought to myself ‘ when you have to think so much about something that dosen’t need that much time, then its simply not worth it’

The formula is:

If  the ‘think- time’ > the importance of the issue in your life

then ( result = false)

Else (result = true)

Where false = not in favor of decision/choice

true = in favor of decision/choice

Sounds too technical na, but it isn’t when you think of it.

Like, when ‘not going to office’ took me 10 min of think-time which was way above the importance of the matter for me i decided ‘not in favor’ and jumped out of bed to get ready and here i am in office 🙂 and btw I think this is the closest I’ve come to developing a program on my own. hehehe

Points to be noted:

1. To save your time and sanity, while you’re in te process of deciding just stop abruptly, just stop thinking and ask yourself ‘what the ‘think-time’ this is taking?’

2. Now you know the think time, lets come to ‘importance of the matter’. This is variable and can differ from person to person for any situation, but its definitely more known to us, coz we know how important ‘choosing a red pair of scandals’ is and how important ‘ choosing a guy/job/xyz’ is.

3. Now compare your think-time and importance and Voila! the debating thought in your mind end. you have reached the decision you actually want.

Exception: I agree there maybe exceptions to this formula, many many exceptions, but while  and till it works with as many issues, lets try it out!


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