My health awareness

I am not a  health freak, but am fond/admirer of fit people, not just slim but ‘fit and healthy’ people.

The major reason for my love for fitness comes from fear, fear that has come from seeing what bad health does to you. My dad was way overweight and i had seen how that did become an obstacle for him to recover. I lost my dad to livercirosis, but his health pulled him down way beyond recovery. I want myself and everyone around to be happy and live a healthy life. However i am poor at convincing others to follow a health routine, I make myself very regular at exercise. And i love that about myself. I love the fact that I am aware of what a life i want and am moving towards it.

Also whenever I think of my life ahead, i have a never ending list, it goes from adventures, to travelling and learning many things like dance forms and so much more. This pulls another thought to me and that is ‘ what is most important factor to achieve all my plans?’ and the answer is simple ‘Firstly i need to be in good shape to have the strength to be doing all that’. Money can be earned, time can definitely be cut from the busy life, but health will not come to you when you need it, you have to take care of it now, so that it takes care of you later.

My exercise routine is very basic and i have been following it quite regularly for the past one year, only with a few gaps of 4weeks (2 times) and 6 weeks ( one time), due to the circumstances etc. But i think its good.

My routine for weekdays (which i follow at-least 5 times a week) :

5 min -stretches

10/15 min -jogging/spinning for thighs

15/20 min – sides and abs

15 min – light weights for back/arms/shoulder/thighs

5/10 min – brisk walk/jogg ( dosen’t happen much as i run out of time)

after reaching home which is 5 min walk from the gym(lucky me), i do a little bit of stretches and lately have been practicing few jazz dance techniques/moves for say another 5 min.

Thats it!,  then i feel like a million bucks coz i have completed my duty towards myself.

And yes Sundays are compensated by the great workout from my jazz dance classes. Not bad at all. I’m also keen on learning swimming this summer.

Cheers to health and happiness!


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