Unhealthy habit Confession.

Ok, so I have a confession to make. Its not a bad deed actually, just one of my habits.

I’m a very determined person and as soon as I know what i want and how, no one can stop me from it. But I give it all up just when I’m about to reap the results, I don’t know why.

6 months back I started my health regime and was so determined with it. I started seeing results a Little late though and then when I could have made it the best I left it. I said to myself that I was bored of this and wanted to join some other activity(other than gym) and thought I’ll join soon. But i didn’t. Even though I have a handful of excuses( money, time being major ones), I still feel guilty about it. I know i can but I’m getting there. maybe I’m not doing the right thing but i can’t find the right one either.

Not very good for me. I like to be the one who is always praised for determination and now I’m not continuing that. I’m letting myself down on it. I have to find a way out of this even if it means going to the boring gym but i will and that too soon.

Also i think its making me more hesitant as the days pass by, i think of how everyone will say I’ve put on weight again and it makes me not want to go. I know i have to gather the courage and i will soon. Its a fight with my worst habit. I hope I win.


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