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Some Magic Please!

Ok, yes I have been watching/reading few magical tales and i guess the effect hasn’t left me yet, but I love those magical worlds, with all their good and bad. I recently watched “The Chronicles of Narnia -Prince Caspian” and wow, it was amazing! Funny thing is i know a guy who looks exactly as Prince Caspian. 🙂

Anyways its all this magic that is so full of hope,maybe because it dosen’t ask for time and when and how, it just turns everything right, just when you need it. So here’s to Hope and Love and Life and some magic Ireally wouldn’t mind 😉

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Unhealthy habit Confession.

Ok, so I have a confession to make. Its not a bad deed actually, just one of my habits.

I’m a very determined person and as soon as I know what i want and how, no one can stop me from it. But I give it all up just when I’m about to reap the results, I don’t know why.

6 months back I started my health regime and was so determined with it. I started seeing results a Little late though and then when I could have made it the best I left it. I said to myself that I was bored of this and wanted to join some other activity(other than gym) and thought I’ll join soon. But i didn’t. Even though I have a handful of excuses( money, time being major ones), I still feel guilty about it. I know i can but I’m getting there. maybe I’m not doing the right thing but i can’t find the right one either.

Not very good for me. I like to be the one who is always praised for determination and now I’m not continuing that. I’m letting myself down on it. I have to find a way out of this even if it means going to the boring gym but i will and that too soon.

Also i think its making me more hesitant as the days pass by, i think of how everyone will say I’ve put on weight again and it makes me not want to go. I know i have to gather the courage and i will soon. Its a fight with my worst habit. I hope I win.

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