the same life with a little difference…

Its common to wish for a different life than what you have, but here’s my list of few changes that could change my life. Maybe some are meek and selfish, some achievable and some not, maybe a few are already with me waiting to be realized,  but i’m just jotting them down so i don’t forget they ever existed in my mind.

1) make right decisions.

2) be a light hearted person.

3) think less and do more.

4) Stay happy

5) Be an optimist.

6) Realize my dreams.

7) Smile

8) Be loved and liked by all ( ok this is too much.. so lets say almost all)

9) Enjoy the life I have.

10) Be a social person.

11) have many  true friends

12) Write a book and get it published.

13) have undying faith in myself.

14) Be polite to people.

15) stop being overly judgemental.

16) Not to percIve ideas too fast.

17) Not be afraid.

18) Live my dreams

19) Always keep learning something new.

20) Never feel helpless

21) never regret anything.

22) learn form my mistakes.

23) Be diplomatically honest.

24) Stop giving unwanted advice and judgements.

25) Love myself for who I am.

26) respect myself and my body.

27) Be healthy

28)   be part of many adventure sports groups.

30) provide the best to my family.


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