Can’t Accept It…

I have always learnt things the hard way, not that i have thought of putting myself through hell , but it always turns out like this. From simplest of things to hardest of lessons..its always a hard way for me.

I’m working on a contract and it is a 6 months period before i become a permanent Employee. However this time is not fixed and totally depends on your manager( my manager has never finished any1’s contract before time). So few days back this pal of mine( shouldn’t call her dat) lets say acquaintance of mine, who had joined my company 45 dats after me(because she wasn’t good enough for it , she needed time to prepare and all that) got her contract over and me its been 5 months now. She got t over in 3 months and I will have to wait for another month. All this made me very angry and it was reasonable also.

Today she told me shes got the offer letter and it made me so irritated. Its done now and I know dat no matter how much i try i will not be able to change it. But still its the acceptance that is so difficult.

I just  can’t make myself accept the fact that sometime ( or mostly) you never get what you deserve or not when you deserve. Life isn’t fair and being a true Libra i always find that the most unacceptable thing. I believe in being fair, to myself and others also.

It s high time i accept the facts of life. It only makes my life more difficult, my pain more deep and the experience too hurting. But all i can think of if ‘Its NOT FAIR!!’.


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