And so I said…

There isn’t a moment without  a thought, not a second without and idea and not a light without a imaginary conversation. My mind is awake 24X7 and there’s no stop to it. It gets worse when i start blabbering everything( that can be) that comes into it.

I open my mouth and there it is.. random and brutal..not a fact or the truth.. just my own perception, my own way and it hurts that it hurts someone else. It shames of the years i lived and not learnt the control over myself, my thoughts, the way i present them and mostly because the pain I give by being so brutally honest.

I feel i should shut up now, write it down , talk to the walls, just let it out to someone anyone anything, just not the person it is about.

And so i said.. is what i dread…



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3 responses to “And so I said…

  1. dont talk to walls as u may go mad after some days.

    best idea is do some meditation and u will find rejuvinated!!!



  2. methinker

    Im not going mad… i just want to learn to stop myself from blaabbering everything that comes inside my head..but the thing is I don’t forget easily too.. ideas thoughts . they all stay with me. until i let it out.. Blog is one way of saying it out. and am looking for other ways too…
    nywyz! tnx for the concern!

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