I neva meant to…..

I’m gifted or have developed a quality to spaek out exactly wat i feel… it comes so easily to me, but i know people have a hard time saying wat they feel..i express my feelings word to word.. its so clear that u can actually feel it coming from my heart…not long after my i realized my gift, i found i was turning it into everything, ever phase and  how i was turning my gift into a mean person…..I had started speaking out my heart in every situation, wenever i wud have an argument r fight, wenever i was frustated…nything .. n nytym..

I said mean things just the wat i felt them at that point of tym. not forever(which was not at al good), i started saying mean and hurting things n it made me feel i had won d battle. by bruising others emotions..so much that they could not argue more…Until i realized that words said can never be taken back.. i had shocked myself… i knew i couldn’t repair the damage done..so now i’ve learn’t to keep my mouth shut on not so good issues and spek out on the good and making people feel good ones…

We say things we don’t mean and feel relieved about being done with it, but in tis selfish act we might end up hurting others.. n sometyms its takes a lifetime to heal that….So i’ve learnt ma lesson..although once in a while i still do it.. but im much better.. n d least that i can do is ..stop myself from hurting my loved ones…..but i know in my heart that i had never meant to..


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