The alternative….

Every action, activity, goal, milestone we have has two ways, one that we set in our mind and the other which is there if your plan does not work out..I’m a very organized person and like to plan things if anything deviates from my plan i get worried easily.. and yes i have to confess i panic..i work hard to get things back on track(according to my plan) and only then i move ahead..this entire procedure takes me at-least double the time and effort(n I’m not just referring to official work here)..i do realize that everything has an ALTERNATIVE.. which more or less gets us what our plan had to..but its so difficult to go for the alternative way…

I recently started observing my behavior and wanted to remove this panicking side of it.. it took me and still is a lot of effort.. i have to calm myself and my thoughts and not just realize the alternative to options but also go for them..its made my life much easy but still leaves me doubting my perfection.

What helps most in accepting an alternative is looking at the big picture.. it helps coz u realize how important they are in the long run.. its sumthing like when u have a best friend.. u expect never to fight and never to get hurt.. coz he/shes ur best pal.. but somehow u develop a misunderstanding, say a guy/grl u hv crush on starts seeing ur pal(which might mean the world to you at that time), and u mite stop talking and maintain a distance, coz u feel emotionally robbed and betrayed…and this at times blocks ur friendship and the worst case, u might end up losing ur pal..but here’s the trick.. LOOK AT THE BIG PICTURE.. its only a crush . not ur boyfriend.. they come and go but friends are for life. they’re ur support system and aways with u. so that saves the fighting and arguing..and loss of a friend..

Believe me alternatives are the best option we have.. in every phase of our life.. its best we learn to accept them and not ignore them.. becoz no matter how managed and particular we are.. how much planning and efficiency we put in.. life is all about uncertainty and unpredictability..n that’s the best part of it.. So don’t panic around like me. n njoy the new and unseen alternatives life offers.. u never know when an alternative becomes your BEST PLAN!!!!


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