Just Say it….

Sometimes  I find myself struugling my thoughts , justifying my  ideas and battling myself .. to let go.. don’t think of what happens next. just go and say what u feel like .. ask what’s been on your mind for so long..speak it out..(n here im not talking about the ill feeings..) ..

Why is it so hard to open up.. n just walk upto a person to compliment them.. even if u don”t know them. so wat.??… I get stuck all the time ..not that im dumb or anything,.. just that i hesitate .think if it ok or not..even with the smallest of issues i have to repeat it over nad over that there’s nothing wrong with being  outspoken..

I somehow think its because we all keep ourselves so gaurded all the time .. we are all afraid to seem something.. like vulnerable. stupid.. or even sweet at times..we don’t wan’t others to know what and who we are.. it makes us feel more like being weak and close to being hurt easily..

We fake this image and keep it from reaching out or anyboby from reaching to us. .. but what is we could JUST SAY IT… say what we feel.. how nice u look.. how i admire you.. i’ve had a crush on u for years….i love ur dress… without any hesitation  or fear of seeming transparent…. wiht no fear that the other can just see past through you.. and no fear of being you….


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