I relate..

Have you ever HATED anyone…found antone annoying to death.. giving you the creeps…I have.. but u know wats d best way to get over it… relate to them..They say when we deslike someone or something, it in someway reflects some part of ourselves that we want to change..

Believe me i’ve tried this.. i had a friend who was this complete free person, no matter what came up she would never give up n be so easy about it, i’ve never seen her waste her time on any issue for more than 30minutes max…she gave me the creeps .. until i realized how much i hated not to have that free attitude.. i wanted to change myself from the tension freak to free spirited..

its very easy to find whats wrong with others and how they should correct it,, but when it comes to ourselves we just don’t know wats wrong… so here’s a tip… Relate to them… every1 u dont like.. who annoy u.. n u’ll find that we don’t hate them.. we either wanna be like them or we don’t have the guts to accept that we behave similarly and it annoys us…

after all we are all humans …. n if not same than atleast realted..  🙂 


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